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Sep 19

Not Here / Not ever
21:00 - 22:10
La Gare du Midi, Biarritz, France

Oct 09

Jubileumsforestilling A Collection of Short Stories
20:00 - 21:00
Dansens Hus Oslo

Oct 10

Jubileumsforestilling A Collection of Short Stories
18:00 - 19:00
Dansens Hus Oslo




Try in House III

Kulta My Ostaa

Foto Yaniv CohenFirst of all I would like to thank God, the guiding force in my life.
To mummy and daddy and my whole family who is always there for me, I love you unconditionally. Yanivy – here we go again. I am glad and proud to have such a special working relationship. I appreciate all you have contributed with, the photos and every music video we have done together. Gunnar and Håvard – I am privileged to be able to sing into your mic – love ya. Indrani, Airin, Renate and Shlomi – you´re a gems – your designs are simply delicious -it’s always a pleasure. Caroline, Christine, Martin and Camilla – thank you for hanging in there. You are truly appreciated! To my awesome dancers Ole Martin, Christopher and Shlomi . You rock!!! Dag Ove, Jan Tore, Robert and Marianne – the past two month was not easy but you were always there when I needed you. Ride or die. I love you all. Emma, Sion, Eva, Alvin and Inés Aya, my little sweets, it would have never been so much fun without you on the set. My super hero SHLOMI – thank you for your continuous support.

And last but not least, to you my gorgeous – there’s a note on your pillow…

Here we go again – let´s do the damn thing!

Peace and love always….

Executive producers Mimi Divine, Yaniv Cohen
Production Coordination Caroline Eckly, Christine Kjellberg, Camilla Cohen & Martin Gustavsen
Art Direction Shlomi Ruimi
Photography, Film And Editing Yaniv Cohen
Styling, Hair, And Makeup Shlomi Ruimi
Technical Crew Dag Ove Sunde, Jan Tore  Solberg
Light Designers Robert Roespel, Marianne Olderkjær
Recorded And Mixed Gunnar Innvær, Håvard Pettersen
Costume Designers Indrany Balgobin, Airin Espelid, Renate Rolland, Shlomi Ruimi
Dancers Ole Martin Meland, Christopher Flinder Petersen, Shlomi Ruimi
Extras Emma, Sion, Eva, Alvin & Inés Aya